Contact if you are interested in coaching from Jenny Wilson.

Jenny Wilson is a qualified* coach, who delivers our bespoke coaching services, adaptable to your needs.

Coaching is a 121 structured conversational process where you are supported to identify a goal and to work out your own route to achieving it. It can be very useful when you feel blocked or overwhelmed.

A coach doesn’t give advice or solutions – the process will help you to find your own route forwards.  However, sometimes Jenny will offer insight from her own life experiences to help you navigate your way, so you might want to know a bit about her, and you can read about her here.  Jenny’s approach to coaching is open and non-judgemental, regardless of your background, culture or history – she is positively inclusive of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity and aims to work to best practice standards.

Quote from client:  “Jenny really helped me sort through what my goals were so that I knew what steps I needed to make. I made all my goals within 3 months, including getting a new job. Just having someone to talk through my wants helped me reach my potential.” 

When you contact Jenny she’ll work with you to agree the structure and format (normally a video call but it may be possible to use phone or text or in person coaching if close enough geographically to her base in Bradford, West Yorkshire). Sessions can be one longer one-off or a short series.

Jenny Wilson
Photo © Sarah Hickson for ‘Truth to Power Cafe’ event 2018

*Jenny completed accredited training in 2009 with Relational Dynamics 1st