Hi, I’m Jenny.  As I edit this introduction in 2019, I am 48, living in West Yorkshire (UK), have two children (aged 23 and 8) and working as a performing artist and producer running my own company, Irregular Arts, alongside my work as a coach and blogger.  I am a feminist and activist, often working with communities and groups on arts and other projects.  I am passionate about the need to challenge the societal conventions about human relationships and build a culture of consent, work which you can find out more about on this website.  The blogs published here will say more about this, but I am an advocate for consent, which underpins mown relationships. I am polyamorous and pan/bisexual, but the blogs will be relevant to people of all sexualities and relationship styles.

The blogs written here are a collection from my own life experiences, from guest writers and from the experiences of real people I know (anonymised).

I hope that over time, the need for anonymity will gradually diminish, as there should be no shame in consensual, honest, truthful, open relationships between adults – but sadly there are still many who would face repercussions in their personal and professional lives if they were open about their identities and relationships as presented here.

I hold the copyright for all the blogs and information on this site, unless attributed elsewhere.