January Noticings

Hosted by Jenny Wilson, this opportunity for personal development, dialogue, confidence building, text-based support and group sharing with like-minded unique people.  

My January Noticings offer comprises:

  • One 60-90 minute individual coaching session
  • Up to two hours of text-based 121 support (at times convenient for you)
  • 4 x 80-minute (safely) guided group sessions, to share challenges and intentions and build peer support
  • One follow up 15-30 minute individual coaching conversation, for looking forward
  • Limited places – priority may be given to people who identify as neurodivergent and/or queer and people from marginalised communities/groups that are “othered”

All our sessions will run online, via zoom, phone call and text message (by arrangement) during January 2022.  

Alongside my coaching work, I am a performing artist, writer and activist, a lone parent and home educator, and I identify as queer and neurodivergent.
I describe my work as “imagining what it might be like to live in the kind of world I’d like to live in, and creating spaces where it is possible for me and for others to experience and work towards building that world.”

January Noticings are inclusive and welcoming, celebrating uniqueness, championing curiosity and empathy, a space for belonging in a world that might try to label us as “other”.
I will be taking an Upwording approach, supporting us in making active shifts in speaking and thinking in fresh, liberating and motivating ways.

Coaching sessions will focus on you: noticing what you want to let go of and nurturing what you want to grow.  You’ll have access to support from me via text, to explore and create your movement (way forward). 

Group sessions will build your confidence, curiosity and empathy, as we discover shared challenges and support each other towards our goals.

At the end of the month, a follow up coaching session will help you choose what you want to carry forward.

BOOK NOW: to secure your place CLICK HERE
COSTS: You decide which rate can work for you.
I would LOVE to be able to offer one or two ‘pay what you can’ spaces to people on low/no income – to do so relies on some of you paying a higher rate.

  • Standard = £150
  • Pay it forward = £210 (if you can afford to please pay this amount, and you will enable a free/low-cost place to someone else who requires it)
  • Cover costs only = £120 
  • Pay what you can places = contact me to be added to the waiting list: hello@loveoffscript.co.uk
  • Angel/pay it forward/gift payments = any amount donated towards offering a no/low-cost place to those who can’t afford a costed place
  • Full advance payment is preferred, but agreed fees may be paid in 3 instalments (instalment 1 deposit and contract, instalment 2 by 28th December, instalment 3 by 28th January)

I can also consider offers of trade/in kind offers in lieu of cash payment. Everyone has something to offer, e.g. hand crafts; art/poetry; technical/ social media/ web skills; trade skills / time; house work / dog sitting / childcare; reviews/ endorsements; proof reading; more….