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Coaching for extraordinary times

Pay It Forward/Pay What You Can: NOTE – this offer is no longer generally available unless coaching clients offer to pay an extra ANGEL RATE. Please enquire if you’d like to pay it forward so someone in need can access coaching.

March 2020: I am self employed and like many have no safety net for the work cancellations that are happening during this pandemic. I want to help others in my position, and I have to take care of myself so I help others…. so I’m trying this offer as an experiment. These one off sessions will take place via video or audio call. The standard fixed fee for a session will be £35 (this is a reduced rate), and I want to help people who can’t afford coaching right now – so if you’re able to pay some extra, that will go into an angel fund to allow me to offer free sessions to those in need. If you want a free or reduced price session please contact me and I will add you to the list. Subject to demand – priority for free sessions will be given to UK-based LGBTQ+ communities, neurodivergent people, freelance artists/arts practitioners, care and health workers, and people on no/low incomes/benefits.

For a limited time, I am offering one-off 60-90 minute coaching sessions (usually coaching would be over a series of sessions) for clients to explore projects, goals, life choices and ways forward.

  • perhaps your work has been cancelled or shifted, and you want to take this opportunity to rethink your career or business, look for new sources of income, or rebalance your work and life
  • perhaps ill-health or isolation has given you pause for thought about the shape and direction of your life, and you want some help to find your way forward
  • maybe you want to re-prioritise people, family, relationships, work, hobbies, interests and friendships, and you’d like some support to do that
  • possibly you’ve got a fresh idea or inspiration and you need a bit of guidance and encouragement to realise your ambitions
  • or you think coaching might help in some other way

Email: to discuss it and book a session

Thanks – Jenny Wilson, March 2020.